Know what they’re looking for… If you are already a speaker; professional or not, it’s not enough. You must know the difference between a professional speech and a TED Talk.

TED’s format is all about having one idea. An idea that is worth spreading.


How to Rock a TED Talk SPECIAL OFFER









Why the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program?

  • You’ll learn all you need to know to get, prepare and deliver a TED Talk. Find out:
  • How to get a TED Talk
  • What are organizers looking for? What will turn them off instantly? How do I reach them? Find out.
  • How to prepare a TED Talk
  • How far in advance do I need to start working on it? How do I get my idea across in 18 minutes? What are the essential elements of a powerful TED Talk? Find out.
  • How to deliver a TED Talk
  • What should I expect? How can I have confidence delivering my talk? How can I make my TED Talk stand out? Find out.

Find out, because the moment before you step onto the TED stage you’ll be thanking yourself for going through this program…because your TED Talk will be on the Internet forever.


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